Transferring your Silverlock data to your Mac

Affected Products: Silverlock

There are several ways to transfer your data to your computer. Since Silverlock doesn't save your data in arbitrary places like other password managers, your database(s) are located where you saved them. If you forget where you saved your Silverlock database(s), simply search your Mac for the databases you would like to transfer.

Transfer your data with an external storage device

  1. Connect your external device to the computer you want to transfer from

  2. Open Finder and select the external device

  3. Drag or copy and paste the Silverlock database(s) to your external storage device

  4. Disconnect the storage device and connect it to the device you are transferring data to

  5. Open Silverlock and click File > Open in the menu bar and click the external device to open your database

Transfer your data with the cloud

If you haven't set up a cloud provider, please visit the provider's website for more information before setting up sync with Silverlock.

Learn how to sync your data with Silverlock

Last modified: 2021-08-04 06:32:53 UTC